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Plodding Along

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Not much has happened this week, and yet we’ve stayed amazingly busy! I had to call someone from the Department of Homeland Defense to tell them we’d done our prints early or they would have waited to process them until our original date. We have no way of knowing how long it will take them to process them, but hopefully it will be quicker than the original date. There were 17 other families in the system ahead of us so it may take a few weeks. continue reading…

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This is just an update on the Lia Sophia Party…it’s ending this week! All online sales will end this Friday (so if you’ve been meaning to order you need to click on the button to the right soon!) so Tracy can submit them and get the jewelry sent out to everyone who ordered. We want to thank everyone who participated and we’ll look forward to seeing you all glammed up in new necklaces and earrings!

As far as the adoption progress we are making good headway. I’m hoping the final copy of the home study will be in the mail today and when that’s in hand I’m almost ready to send out our petition to the US government. continue reading…



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We are blessed. We had our first fund raiser yesterday and it was so encouraging. Our friend, Tracy, and her family drove 5 hours to get here to host it (you are a true friend!!) and we had a wonderful time. We haven’t seen Tracy in about 5 years and it’s wonderful to be around one of those friends who you can just pick right back up with and feel so comfortable. We’re already planning the next reunion and Josiah keeps asking when Jonah (her little boy) can come back and play. We had a pretty good turn out and have lots of friends who are still interested in shopping online. For those of you who still want to participate you can click on the Lia Sophia button to the right…it will be there for about 2 more weeks before we close the sale. continue reading…

Lia Sophia Fund Raiser


Lia Sophia Jewelry

Ok, we just got word that we’ve been officially matched with ‘Grace’ and can start raising the funds we’ll need to bring her home! We’re starting with a Lia Sophia party and I can already hear some of the conversations that will be taking place at our friends’ houses…’But honey, I NEED to buy a new necklace to help out an orphan!’ We hope to have a lot of fun with this and get closer to our goal, but in all seriousness we appreciate all of you who have been praying for us and Grace and those who will be able to participate in this with us. For more information you can click the Lia Sophia Jewelry Fund Raiser button on the right side of the page. Another way you can help is to spread the word…if you know friends who like jewelry or have a blog where you can repost this we’d really appreciate the help!