We’re enjoying our summer…getting the kids out as much as possible, swimming, wearing flip flops and using the heat as an excuse to eat a little more ice cream than usual. We’re in the process of getting Leeza fit for twister cables, which would help keep her legs facing forward, and trying to figure out why she seems to be overheating so easily, but for the most part we’re in a slow period as far as medical appointments. The real purpose of this post is to re-post something from a friends’ blog. Julia has done a wonderful job of advocating for other kids and families since bringing her son home last summer and this is one of those posts that needs to be read by as many as possible. There is one little boy who desperately needs a family and another who will soon be leaving his…both of them need our prayers and for the body of Christ to come along side them during this time. Please take a few minutes to check out Julia’s blog at