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Jonah Almost Has A Family

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Here’s the update on Jonah…


Jonah’s family is ONE STEP CLOSER to Jonah.
Today they were in the Capital city and had their SDA meeting.
Tomorrow they get a piece of paper (referral) which gives them the right to visit Jonah and commit to him.
In just a few days they will have the unbelievable privilege of taking him in their arms – this child they have watched and come to love over the last number of weeks – they will get to take him into their arms and whisper in his ears that he is their son.
I wish I could be there to take pictures of that moment.

Jonah Update

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I’ve been watching my computer like crazy for news of Jonah all weekend and just found out from Julia (the friend who originally wrote about him asking for prayers) that the US gov’t had OK’ed the family for 2 kids instead of just one on Thursday. Unless you’ve been through the paperwork of an adoption you have no idea how amazing it is that this change could be made this fast. It is truly an answer to prayer! What we don’t know is how fast that paperwork was able to make it across the ocean and how fast that gov’t will process it. So please keep praying for God’s will in this process.