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From the Homefront

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This is Kim…finally catching my breath after getting home a week ago! I returned to 3 VERY excited kids and have been trying to get back into our routine ever since. The jet lag took about a week to get over both ways so I’m starting to feel pretty normal today. I expected to be tired and have the kids act out some and have a lot of things around the house to catch up on…what I didn’t expect was the culture shock of coming back here. It felt wonderful to be home, but it was kind of overwhelming to suddenly understand everyone (and have them understand me!) and have so many people who wanted to talk to me and to have the kids constantly wanting to talk to me. We’d just spent 4 weeks with very few English speakers and most of the people we saw each day weren’t terribly friendly. It’s a great feeling to be able to be so clean and to know what I’m eating all the time and to drive in a place with rules and to hear my kids laughs and be in my church…it’s just great to be home!

After putting out all the little fires last week….frozen credit cards, mice inhabiting my oven, bills that we’d missed, children who thought I was leaving again every time I left their sight…we’re starting back to normal today. This was our first day of homeschool and it went pretty well. Josiah (4) and Grace (2) started their preschool lessons today and we got off to a good start. I got up in time to work out and dinner is actually planned tonight instead of just throwing some leftovers together. We even picked out Halloween costumes for the 3 kids here this morning at the library (Josiah is a dinosaur, Grace is a monkey and Kasia is a bumble bee).

I talked to Philip this morning about what the time line looks like. Tomorrow is ‘Gotcha Day’ and Leeza will officially be a Dean! Normally this is the day he would pick her up from the orphanage, but because of how things work in Ukraine it looks like he’ll leave her there for a couple days while he takes care of the worst of the paperwork. We decided this made more sense because she’s in a safe place and leaving the orphanage is usually pretty scary for the kids…it’s the only thing they’ve ever known. He will have to drive a couple hours to her birth town to get a new birth certificate issued then has more running around, and probably a  lot of waiting in government offices, before he has what is needed to get her passport and visa ordered. It didn’t seem fair to make her go through all that and scare her and neither of us wants her riding in cars over there any more than is necessary (the driving is horrible and there are no car seats…there aren’t even seat belts in most cars). So he’ll probably ‘bust her out’ Thursday or Friday and we’re expecting them to be able to fly home by the next Thursday or Friday (the 14th or 15th). Lord willing, in about 2 weeks our whole family will be together for the first time!

Day 27

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We’ve been gone 27 days today and my time here is (hopefully) winding down. Today was ‘Gotcha Day’ for the Clarke’s from Ireland. They are officially Alina’s parents today and we are so happy for them! We

Oh yeah, and we brought a load of diapers. Everyone seemed happy!

weren’t there this morning when they got her, but apparently she was a bit upset when they walked through the gates with her…she’s never been outside the orphanage grounds and that must have been pretty scary at first. She has a lot to discover now and I bet it’s been a busy day!

We spent the morning going to another orphanage in the region. It is nothing like Leeza’s, but is probably where she would have been sent soon. I’m not sure what to say about it on a public blog except to ask all of you to be praying for the children we saw today.