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Gage is Almost Home

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Some of you might remember Gage, who we met at Leeza’s orphanage. He is a pretty impressive little guy who seemed to stand out to every family who met him. After some drama with his committed family not being able to finish his adoption and another family stepping up at the last minute, Gage is just weeks away from going home. As of this week he is now Ethan Ruslan DeVowe. His parents will return home for a couple weeks during the waiting period and return to bring him home to a house full of excited siblings! You can check out their blog at



As of last week, Leeza is officially a walker! We got her new outside walker that allows her to maneuver pretty easily on uneven ground and moves so quickly that she can almost jog in it when she really gets going. After a short conversation with her physical therapist we decided if we were going to expect her to walk as an adult now was the time to enforce that she’s a walker…not a scooter. Except for quiet time each afternoon she uses a walker all the time and it’s been amazing how much stronger she’s getting with all that practice. Her core muscles are so much sturdier (no more falling over all the time) and she’s suddenly become aware of her feet and where they are some of the time. Because she can’t feel them and hasn’t used them most of her life, this is a pretty big deal! She is not always aware of where her WALKER is so our walls and shins are taking quite a beating, but hopefully that will get better with practice. All this walking means she has to wear her Theratogs (hideous velcro therapy torture to position her legs) almost all the time. I used to cry every time we had to put those things on because they are so confusing, but I’ve gotten to were I can get them on her about 5 minutes. Thankfully, Leeza doesn’t really seem to mind them. At our last PT appointment her therapist was amazed at how much progress she’d made in the last month and we rejoiced when we realized the contractures in her leg muscles had stretched out enough that she is in the ‘normal’ range for someone in her condition, which allows her to stand up straighter.

After a couple days of enforced walking Leeza did finally ask me why she couldn’t scoot anymore. I asked her if she wanted to scoot when she was a mama and she got a horrified look on her face and told me she wanted to cook when she was a mama. I told her she had to stand up to cook and she informed me, ‘I stand and I COOK!’ The kid is motivated.

We have friends who are going back to Leeza’s orphanage to adopt a second child in just a few days and we’re hoping to get a video together to show the doctor and therapist who worked so hard with her to keep her healthy. They had told her she had to stay strong so she could learn to walk some day and she apparently believed them because she’s never really doubted that she would. I wonder how often they ever get to hear what happens to the kids they work with and Philip and I both wish we could see their faces when they get to see Leeza running around her front yard like everyone else.

Please check out our friends’ blog at They are a truly remarkable family and are adopting Gage, who we blogged about months ago, and just brought home Madeline a few months ago. They are a wonderful example of trusting Jesus and I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers as they go through the process of bringing Gage home.

Praise and a Funny

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The Praise: I’m a little slow getting this up here, but I wanted to share that Gage (remember the little boy we posted about while we were in Leeza’s orphanage?) has a family committed to him! Very much like Leeza, he gives everyone around him the feeling that there’s tons going on in that little head and it’s exciting to know he’ll now have a family to help him express it. Lord willing, he will never have to see an institution because they are working as fast as they can to get to him. You can check out their blog at

The Funny: Our regular storytime librarian was gone this week and her replacement was doing his best to keep his young crowds’ attention. With the oldest child being 5 and the youngest 10 months, he had his work cut out for him! Leeza has never sat through an entire book, probably because she has no idea what we’re saying, but for some reason he really had her attention and she was right up in front listening to him. He continued to read as one little boy rearranged all the carpet squares, Grace talked loudly, Kasia fussed a little in the back, and Josiah refused to come anywhere near him. Towards the end of the book Leeza shot her hand in the air like she had a question and you could see his face light up that one of the kids was really interested in what he was reading. He sweetly asked her what her question was….and she sweetly stared back at him because she had no idea what he was saying. I’m pretty sure I burst his bubble when I had to announce that she didn’t speak any English.



We had a good visit with Grace this morning and had a chance to meet one of her favorite care workers (or maybe a doctor/therapist?). This lady has stopped us several times to visit with Grace and they both seem to like each other quite a bit. Today she motioned that she would like her picture taken with her, which I’m glad to have. I believe she said her name was Nadia.

Gage is still in need of a family

I’ve been watching one of the other children there the past few days, wondering who he was. He looks to be about 4 or 5 and had very small, withered legs…which didn’t stop him AT ALL from zooming around in his wheelchair. He is usually playing with another little girl (an RR child whose parents are hoping to get over here soon) who can’t walk and he’s usually got a smile on his face. I went looking through the RR site today and realized I’d been watching Gage, who is listed on THIS PAGE.  Reading his bio there I found out that he is living at the baby orphanage on borrowed time and will be moved very soon. Very similar to Grace, the only thing ‘wrong’ with him is that he is unable to walk…cognitively he is an average 5 year old. He has no business being left here, much less being put in a crib for the rest of his life. (Quick note…even if he did have cognitive impairments he wouldn’t deserve what is waiting for him, but somehow it always hits me harder when I realize that this child will fully understand what is happening to him and why). We were able to watch him working with a volunteer who comes and helps the kids work on some pre-school skills and he ended up being in parts of a video we took. The thought of this little boy being moved soon makes me want to cry and I’m not sure what to do about it…except put it on here in the hopes that God will move someone to adopt him. It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but it’s exactly the way that God brought Grace into our family and I pray it’s the way Gage will find a family too.