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Blessed Again


The dinner and auction are over and were a huge success! After weeks of not enough sleep we went into it just praying God would make it what He wanted it to be…to bring the people, weather and atmosphere He wanted. And it was beautiful. It rained all morning and part of the afternoon, which concerned us a bit, but God provided a 40 foot donated tent to completely cover all the auction items and a completely covered (gorgeous!) lodge for the dinner. We assumed we’d just have to find the silver lining in a rainy event, but at 5pm as the band began to play we watched the clouds part and wonderful sunshine come through and enjoyed dry weather for the rest of the evening! We had a great turnout, an amazing band, delicious food, totally awesome friends and family to work with and the auction worked! We had tried so hard to be organized so the check out at the end of the auction would go smoothly and quickly and, even with a few hiccups, we got all the prep work done in the scheduled 30 minutes and had everyone checked out in another 30. It was truly amazing!

The support we received from our friends and family was so encouraging and, through them, God provided another HUGE chunk of the resources we’ll need to bring Grace home. Between the proceeds from tonight, the matching grant and donations that have been sent in from around the country we are now at about $18,000! We were told to expect a cost of between $20-24,000 which 4 months ago sounded like an impossible bill, but today is so close to being met. And while we praise God for continuing to provide for us financially, I’m more in awe of how He’s taking care of us on a day-to-day basis through this. It’s been a very stressful time, but just when we think it’s getting to be too much we’ll have a friend call and offer to watch the kids while we do some task or someone else will call just to say they are praying and ask how we’re doing. Others have offered pretty much every resource you can imagine, just when we needed it to take the next step in this process…and all of this is done for a little girl they’ve never met but are praying fervently for. It’s humbling to be in the middle of this whole thing and truly amazing to see how God is working around us and growing our faith. And we continue to pray that He is letting Grace feel his presence as strongly as we can.

By coincidence it was also my birthday. This is by far the biggest party I’ve ever had and one of the best birthdays I can remember. Philip and the kids surprised me on Saturday with an ice cream cake (I’ve always wanted one of those…yum!) and singing and I kept catching myself trying to imagine what it will be like to celebrate next year with Grace here too. I’m really looking forward to it.

P.S. We just got confirmation from FedEx that our dossier was received in Ukraine!

Just Keep Going

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Tomorrow is our biggest fund raiser and we’re almost ready. Philip and I went through each item last night making sure each bid sheet, item and display was in order. We have 76 items worth over $4,700…wow! We’re keeping it all in our bedroom to keep kids out of it and I keep walking in thinking…hmmm, that painting would look great in my living room and that necklace would look great with my outfit…and the kids would love to use those tickets for the Playstation…and I sure could put that scrapbooking stuff to good use…and I really want to use the photography sessions and vacation package. As much as we’d like to keep all the items, we’re hoping there will be others who want them too so none of them have to come back home with us!

We’ve been watching our dossier on the FedEx site as it makes it’s way around the world. It made a stop in Memphis before heading over to Paris and now it’s back ‘in transit.’ We’ll have to wait and see where it touches down next. Please be keeping our papework in your prayers. We received a new set of checklists for dossiers (after ours was already in the mail) that’s huge and we’re trying to wade through it to see if there’s anything in it that will cause problems for us. Apparently several families have had problems recently with certain documents and these changes are a response to that, which is great except that having to redo papers at this point just got a lot harder and could take long enough that some of our other papers would then be older than 5 months, meaning they would then need to be redone too. Philip is doing a good job staying calm about it and I have to keep praying to stay calm.We really appreciate all your prayers for us and Grace as we keep moving forward.

Try Again


First Major Fund Raiser is Next Weekend!

Our amended homestudy arrived this week and the kids and I took it to UPS this morning to be expedited back to the US gov’t so our paperwork could continued to be processed. Please pray that we made all the correct changes so we can recieve our approval soon! We’re also ready to send in the last batch of papers for apostilles as soon as they are reviewed by our Reece’s Rainbow team…they have been wonderful to double check everything for us to make sure there are no small mistakes that could cause problems in Ukraine. Those are the last pieces of our dossier and it’s exciting to see them almost done! continue reading…



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We are blessed. We had our first fund raiser yesterday and it was so encouraging. Our friend, Tracy, and her family drove 5 hours to get here to host it (you are a true friend!!) and we had a wonderful time. We haven’t seen Tracy in about 5 years and it’s wonderful to be around one of those friends who you can just pick right back up with and feel so comfortable. We’re already planning the next reunion and Josiah keeps asking when Jonah (her little boy) can come back and play. We had a pretty good turn out and have lots of friends who are still interested in shopping online. For those of you who still want to participate you can click on the Lia Sophia button to the right…it will be there for about 2 more weeks before we close the sale. continue reading…

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We’ve spent the last few days filling out the first papers for our dossier, getting them notarized and sending them to Des Moines to be apostilled so they can be sent to Ukraine. This first batch are the papers that let their government know that someone is trying to adopt Grace and asks for their permission to continue with the process. We were told to get these sent out ASAP so as soon as we received Philip’s new passport I entered the information and we got moving. Notarizing a batch of papers with 3 small kids in tow proved to be quite an experience and I was beginning to wonder if the notary was going to write something like, ‘These people don’t need another child right now!’ on our paperwork. It was late afternoon and both big kids were pretty wound up. Josiah kept running circles around the bank and Grace managed to sneak away and into the bank vault. We were all relieved when it was over. continue reading…

Lia Sophia Fund Raiser


Lia Sophia Jewelry

Ok, we just got word that we’ve been officially matched with ‘Grace’ and can start raising the funds we’ll need to bring her home! We’re starting with a Lia Sophia party and I can already hear some of the conversations that will be taking place at our friends’ houses…’But honey, I NEED to buy a new necklace to help out an orphan!’ We hope to have a lot of fun with this and get closer to our goal, but in all seriousness we appreciate all of you who have been praying for us and Grace and those who will be able to participate in this with us. For more information you can click the Lia Sophia Jewelry Fund Raiser button on the right side of the page. Another way you can help is to spread the word…if you know friends who like jewelry or have a blog where you can repost this we’d really appreciate the help!



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We’ve been warned that adoption is a process of hurrying up so you can wait and that’s already begun. The director of RR is back in town, but buried in emails and trying to catch up as fast as she can. While we understand that she’s doing the best she can we are impatient because we’re excited to get things moving and find out more about ‘Grace.’ I keep checking my email every couple of hours to see if she’s written, but so far I haven’t heard anything other than that she received all of our paperwork and check. continue reading…