Image By: brokenarts

Got a prayer request…we’re making an impromptu trip to Des Moines tomorrow to see if we can get in to have our fingerprints done. This is about 3 weeks earlier than our scheduled appointments, but we’ve talked to several families in Iowa who have been able to do this and we’re hoping it works for us. Please be praying for favor with the officials there and that the big kids act good for our friends who so generously agreed to watch them.

Also got a praise…after a bit of an upset with Kasia’s weight (as in she’s not gaining suddenly) I can’t put milk away for her anymore. When I calculated how much milk I have stored it came out to 2.5 weeks, exactly the amount of time that first trip is supposed to take. That’s great, but it means we’d have a problem if I had to stay longer or go back. Philip checked at work today to see if vacation time could be donated so he could take time off without having to go without pay for a month and they said it would be no problem! He still has to do some paperwork and the time has to be donated, but what looked like a huge obstacle last night suddenly seems to be smoothing out again. And so we keep walking through those open doors….