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Try Again


First Major Fund Raiser is Next Weekend!

Our amended homestudy arrived this week and the kids and I took it to UPS this morning to be expedited back to the US gov’t so our paperwork could continued to be processed. Please pray that we made all the correct changes so we can recieve our approval soon! We’re also ready to send in the last batch of papers for apostilles as soon as they are reviewed by our Reece’s Rainbow team…they have been wonderful to double check everything for us to make sure there are no small mistakes that could cause problems in Ukraine. Those are the last pieces of our dossier and it’s exciting to see them almost done! continue reading…

Plodding Along

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Not much has happened this week, and yet we’ve stayed amazingly busy! I had to call someone from the Department of Homeland Defense to tell them we’d done our prints early or they would have waited to process them until our original date. We have no way of knowing how long it will take them to process them, but hopefully it will be quicker than the original date. There were 17 other families in the system ahead of us so it may take a few weeks. continue reading…