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It’s mailed!

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Image by: Hao Wang

The i-600A (the application for approval to adopt from the US Gov’t) was mailed yesterday and should be arriving today. This is one of the last pieces we need for our dossier and it was not the easiest thing to fill out because the requirements kept changing. It will probably be 1-2 weeks before we hear back from the USCIS office to get our date to have digital fingerprints done in Des Moines. Until then we get a little breather from all the government paperwork and we can work on getting the last papers notarized and apostilled and keep filling out grant applications. continue reading…



Image By: Azrainman

We are blessed. We had our first fund raiser yesterday and it was so encouraging. Our friend, Tracy, and her family drove 5 hours to get here to host it (you are a true friend!!) and we had a wonderful time. We haven’t seen Tracy in about 5 years and it’s wonderful to be around one of those friends who you can just pick right back up with and feel so comfortable. We’re already planning the next reunion and Josiah keeps asking when Jonah (her little boy) can come back and play. We had a pretty good turn out and have lots of friends who are still interested in shopping online. For those of you who still want to participate you can click on the Lia Sophia button to the right…it will be there for about 2 more weeks before we close the sale. continue reading…