Adopting Grace

The journey to bring our little girl home

Lia Sophia Fund Raiser


Lia Sophia Jewelry

Ok, we just got word that we’ve been officially matched with ‘Grace’ and can start raising the funds we’ll need to bring her home! We’re starting with a Lia Sophia party and I can already hear some of the conversations that will be taking place at our friends’ houses…’But honey, I NEED to buy a new necklace to help out an orphan!’ We hope to have a lot of fun with this and get closer to our goal, but in all seriousness we appreciate all of you who have been praying for us and Grace and those who will be able to participate in this with us. For more information you can click the Lia Sophia Jewelry Fund Raiser button on the right side of the page. Another way you can help is to spread the word…if you know friends who like jewelry or have a blog where you can repost this we’d really appreciate the help!

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We’ve been warned that adoption is a process of hurrying up so you can wait and that’s already begun. The director of RR is back in town, but buried in emails and trying to catch up as fast as she can. While we understand that she’s doing the best she can we are impatient because we’re excited to get things moving and find out more about ‘Grace.’ I keep checking my email every couple of hours to see if she’s written, but so far I haven’t heard anything other than that she received all of our paperwork and check. continue reading…

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The Cost of an Adoption


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There are several reasons we are blogging about our adoption process.  One is so our friends and family can keep up-to-date on what is going on.  Another is so those prayer warriors out there can keep us, and Grace,  snuggled all up in a warm blanket of prayer.  Yet another is so that we can look back at this years from now and see how God walked us through.  A fourth reason is simply for you.  That is right, some of you may be thinking about adopting and wondering what it really takes (we certainly are).  Some may have already started and find yourself only slightly behind us in the process.  Some of you may be more like we were when we started out; completely clueless on the details but feeling God move in your hearts.  Regardless we hope this blog is an honest and open description of our journey.  Our prayer is that it will be as useful to others as it is for us. continue reading…

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One More Step

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Josiah has had a few days to process the news of the adoption and is ready to share! Today he excitedly told a friend at church and a policeman all about a new girl who was coming to live at his house after his birthday to be his new sister.  The friend gave a quick glance at my tummy and I just laughed…no way am I ready to go through another crazy Dean pregnancy right now! It’s neat to see him already including her in our prayers and everyday conversation.

Philip and I got our first round of fingerprints done today and I’ll be ready to send in all the info for our background checks tomorrow. We’re still waiting on the director of Reece’s Rainbow to get back in town (sometime early next week) to officially match us with ‘Grace’ and then we need to start fund raising pretty aggressively. We already have the first one planned and it will be ready to go as soon as we get word from RR…and it should make many of female friends pretty happy (their husbands might not be so happy with us)! We’re continuing to pray about other ideas…everything from a dinner and silent auction to garage sales to me trying to get an online tutoring job for awhile.  We continue to ask for your prayers for us as we try to balance what needs to happen for this adoption and our everyday lives.

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There Are No Coincidences

Man in prayer

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Something came up in Sunday School this morning that God has been making abundantly clear to us these past couple weeks…there are no coincidences. When you pray for something, wait patiently and then it happens it’s not a coincidence. It’s an answer to your prayer. We certainly don’t always get what we pray for (thank goodness!), but there are those times in your life when you pray earnestly for something that is in God’s will and you see him do amazing things. We find ourselves in one of those times and the only response we can find is one of gratitude and awe. We have prayed to both feel passionate about this adoption if we were supposed to do it…and we do. We have prayed for people to come forth who have used this ministry, adopting through Ukraine and who are local so we might be able to meet them…we’ve found 2 families. We’ve prayed to start finding some contacts within the country and suddenly 3 of our friends and family have told us of missionaries they know living there and we found out today one friends’ Dad has worked with a whole network of churches in the Ukraine for the past 16 years. We’ve prayed that people would offer to help with childcare while we’re overseas and we now have 2 options of where to leave them. We’ve prayed for people to come along side us and help us bear the load of fundraising and the first thing I heard as I walked into church this morning was, “So what do you need? Will you need help with funds? How can we help?” continue reading…

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Home Study Underway

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The Joys of Paperwork

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The home study has begun! We’re driving home from Des Moines after meeting with our social worker and turning in a stack of paperwork. It’s been a long week of staying up after the kids go to bed to work on applications, financial statements, reference letters and copies. We need to get our fingerprints done and sent in to start the background checks and then we wait about a month for them to come back and the home study to be complete. We also sent in our first commitment paper for Grace yesterday and hope to get the other one sent out tomorrow. As several of you have noticed, she has been moved from the ‘Waiting Children’ site and is now listed as having found a forever family. When all of our paperwork and deposit has reached Reece’s Rainbow (and the director gets back in town) we will be officially matched with her and can start fund raising. It is very exciting to have this started! continue reading…

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Open Doors


Sometimes you plan for the big events if your life for months or even years. And sometimes they pop up over night and change everything. The journey that we have just begun fits into the latter category and may change our lives in ways none of us can predict right now. In some ways that’s very scary, but it’s also an amazing feeling to take a giant leap of faith and trust that God will come through for you.

Hands on Globe

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Eighteen days ago I was feeding Kasia and reading some blogs when I came across a post that included short biographies about a couple orphans. Both were beautiful little girls with special needs, but one of them really stood out to me and I haven’t been able to get her out of my head. I kept being brought to tears thinking of what faced this little girl and wondering what we could do about it and why God seemed to be placing her on my heart. The child’s name is Grace, she is 3.5 years old and has spina bifida. She is in the Ukraine and will be moved out of the baby house and into a mental institution when she turns 4, not because she has any cognitive delays but because that is simply what happens to disabled children there. With medical help this child may be able to walk, but instead would be left in a crib for the rest of her life. Philip asked what I was doing and when I showed him I expected him to say that was sad and let it pass. Instead he said we should pray about her and see what God said. The first open door. continue reading…

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