Scentsy Fund Raiser

Scentsy Wickless Candle

We are happy to announce that for the month of June we have an on-going fund-raiser through Scentsy.  What exactly is Scentsy?  Well according to their website:

Aromatic candles – decorative warmers with wax melted by the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame.

That is right.  You can have the decorative look, and house filling aroma of a candle without the risk or danger of a flame.  These are perfect for homes with children or offices where flames are forbidden.  The look wonderful, smell amazing, and are completely safe, even if touched!  Brenda (THANK YOU Brenda) has left open a party on her Scentsy Host Website.  Simply click on the “Buy from party” for the Dean Adoption and shop on-line.  Scentsy will ship your order directly to you.  This will be open through the entire month of May.

Brenda is donating her profit of 25% to our adoption.  We appreciate you consideration in purchasing your refills or new product through this fund-raiser.  You will absolutely love the products and helping a little girl find her new home.  If this is not a product you are interested in but would still like to help out, you can!  Hope right over to our donation page. :-)  Thanks!



Lia Sophia Fund Raiser (Ended)

Lia Sophia Jewelry

Yes, you got that right. This month you can buy beautiful jewelry and be helping us get closer to bringing our little girl home! We have a wonderful friend who has offered to host a fund raiser for us, partnered with Lia Sophia. Here’s how it works; you’ve got a few options:

  1. All month long you can log on to the Lia Sophia website, select our show and order with a credit card from there.  Orders will either be delivered or shipped to you depending on your location. IMPORTANT: On the site, search for Tracy Crowe in the “Look up Your Hostess” section to find our show.  It is on May 10th in Columbia, MO (Tracy’s home town).  If you do not select our show Tracy will not know you are ordering for our fund raiser.
  2. You can look through the on-line catalog and then email Tracy, who is hosting this for us, at She can tell you your total and you can send payment to her. All checks should be made out to Tracy Crowe. Orders will be shipped to you after the show closes.
  3. If you are local and know what jewelry you want but can’t make the show, you can give us, Philip or Kim, a check for the amount and pick up your jewelry when it arrives. We will pass on your payment to Tracy.  All checks should be made out to Tracy Crowe.
  4. You can come to the Lia Sophia Show we’ll be hosting at our house April 24th from 9-11:30am to see some of the jewelry in person. (Yes, this is earlier then the show date on the website) We live at 1550 246th Ave., Lisbon IA, 52253. If you need directions our number is 319-447-7938.

Lia Sophia Jewelry

We will receive 30% of all sales we generate, which will be applied directly to our adoption expenses. On top of feeling good about buying something pretty for yourself or a friend (or your Mom…Mother’s Day is coming up!), you’ll get a great deal! Our show will take advantage of Lia Sophia’s May discount: buy two items at full price, pick one of your choice for 1/2 off THEN add up to 3 bracelets or earrings for half off (most expensive items are discounted).  It doesn’t get much better than that!

There are a few items to take note of while you shop though:

  • When purchasing online, credit cards are not charged until Tracy processes them.  If the wrong special get applied on the website she will adjust it at processing and send you the correct total.  You can always contact her if you have questions about an order.
  • Unfortunately the items will not be here by Mother’s Day due to the show’s closing date.  However, if there are Mother’s Day gifts purchased Tracy is offering a special IOU email detailing what the gift is (with a picture) and the cause (if desired) for no extra charge! :)  Contact Tracy for more information and to request the Mother’s Day information.

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