-you keep a copy of the Secretary of State number and fax in your car at all times.

-you have nightmares of your 2 year old using your dossier or grant applications as a coloring book.

-you haven’t had time to clean your house in months.

-you combine feeding the kids breakfast, cleaning the kitchen and regular household chores with learning another Russian word.

-you dislike another country’s government as much as you do your own.

-you daydream about what it will finally be like to have this little person in your house, playing along side your other kids.

-you now consider explaining your complete financial status to total strangers a normal thing to do.

-you regularly wonder what on earth you’ve gotten yourself into.

-you pray more than you’ve ever prayed before…about pretty much everything.

-you have the opportunity to see God doing some pretty amazing things and share it with countless others.

No word yet from Ukraine. Thursdays seem to be the day new dossiers for kids in our category (age and special needs) are submitted so we’re praying this is our week, but know it could still take longer.

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