After a last minute scare about another infection we found out last night that Leeza is fine to have her shunt surgery on Monday! I’ve been keeping the kids isolated except for church and occasionally the library and Leeza’s been on 2 preventative antibiotics to get to this point so we’re pretty excited to have made it this far. She will have a shunt placed from her brain to her abdominal cavity to relieve the pressure of all that extra fluid in her brain. She’ll be staying at University Hospital for 3-5 days after the surgery and we’ll be juggling kids between the 2 of us, some family and several church members. Thank God for family (bio AND church!)!

Other than that we’re staying busy with normal preschool stuff…Kas is cutting all 4 molars and learning to walk this week, Grace has an on-again-off-again relationship with potty training, Leeza suddenly loves books and Josiah is continuing to learn to read and mastered zippers this week. Philip has been Super Dad (as usual) and my claim to fame this week is that I got a carrot, 3 peas and 4 edamame in Leeza. And we all survived horrendously cold temperatures without any frostbite or falls on the ice. Not too shabby!

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