We’ve heard it called ‘The Path of Yes’ or ‘Putting Your Yes On The Table.’ I like to think of it as saying ‘yes’ to those nudges you get from God sometimes. Sometimes they’re big and obvious, many more times they’re subtle and you almost wonder if you’re just imagining them. I suppose Philip and I are both a little emotional right now because we’ve just witnessed God do something incredible in our family and our hearts and we can feel there’s more to come.

I read a post on WorldNextDoor.org yesterday about a family who is moving to Haiti for a year because of one of those nudges. They have 3 small kids and had no intention of becoming missionaries in a foreign country so they’re getting the question, ‘What made you do this?!’ a lot. We’ve had a similar question posed to us many times and usually I’m not sure how to explain it except with something vague about God telling us to go get our daughter. I’m afraid that sometimes leaves people with the impression that we are somehow different, that we audibly heard God talk to us and we knew without a doubt what we were supposed to do. This article expressed it much better by explaining that it doesn’t take incredible courage, the strongest faith,  unusual confidence or being someone special…it just takes you saying ‘Yes.’ That first ‘yes’ doesn’t even have to be all that heartfelt. All it takes is an attitude of, “Well, God, I trust you. Let’s do this…’

There was a speaker at one of the Perspectives classes that said he had learned to ‘put his yes on the table,’ meaning that instead of telling God he would be willing to do a bunch of stuff if God made it fall in his lap he would, instead, move when he felt God giving him a nudge.  He had faith that if he had heard God wrong that the doors would be shut and he would realize that was not what he was supposed to be doing. Obviously, there was a lot of prayer involved, but there was a lot of action involved too. It wasn’t long after that that we first saw Leeza’s picture and wondered what we were supposed to do with this nudge. Surely God couldn’t be telling us to go get her when our youngest was 2 months old and our oldest was only 4. Surely God knew we didn’t have $20,000+ sitting around or anyone to watch the kids for weeks on end. Surely He knew I was still nursing Kasia, was about to start homeschooling, Philip’s big project at work was about to start and we had planned to have a quiet year after a year that included months of bed rest and a newborn. But with the idea of ‘yes’ and a lot of prayer we decided to see what would happen if we just started the process. We’ll both admit that we didn’t think this would possibly work; there were so many obvious obstacles, but in taking action at least we would be able to tell God that we had tried so we were off the hook. Thank God He moved those obstacles and in just a few hours Philip and Leeza will start their journey home!

I write all this to encourage you to consider how God is nudging you right now. As you read this are you one of the many people who have told us you’ve considered adoption but haven’t gotten around to really asking God if that’s what you’re supposed to do? Is He telling you to go talk to someone or do that little thing that would reach out to your neighbor? Is He convicting you to go read His Word or talk to Him? The nudges may seem little, and many times silly, but in my short experience I’ve noticed that the more often I say ‘yes’ the easier it is to feel the next nudge. As I look forward to seeing all 4 of my children together for the first time tomorrow night I encourage you to say ‘yes’ and ACT on that ‘yes’ and just see what blessings God pours out on you!

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