The book of Russian phrases I ordered a couple weeks ago finally arrived this week so Josiah, Leeza and I listened to a bit of it after nap today. As Josiah and I were trying to repeat the phrases Leeza literally fell on the ground laughing at us. We are apparently very bad at Russian! What amazes me is that she doesn’t seem concerned that she has to spend the rest of her life with people who can’t even say ‘good morning’ correctly. She was excited that we could say a few new words and I was relieved to finally have another little glimpse into who she is.

Later in the day I saw her quietly trying to read the booklet that came with the packet. She has no idea how to read and is almost never quiet, so I knew something was up. With a quick sideways glance to make sure I was watching her she started pointing to the words, like I had been earlier, and slowly read out loud, ‘Leeza spat nyet’ which means ‘Leeza doesn’t nap.’ I guess she thought if she could convince me that the book said she shouldn’t nap then I’d stop enforcing nap time each day!

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