Leeza was showing off her very dirty cloths.

Okay okay, I am not exactly sure that is what Leeza said, but it sounded like it might look like, “Помощь мои ботинки грязна.”  Which is in fact the title of this post.  So why were her shoes dirty?  Because it rain for the first half of the day.  It was still fairly nice out when I thought it would be fun to play outside regardless of the occasional puddle.  Leeza didn’t seem to mind except stopping twice to ask to go back to the pavilion where the backpack was.  Once we got there she preceded to ask to be put down, pull the wet-wipes out of the backpack and ask me to clean the dirt off her shoes.  Yeah, the bottom of her shoes.  So, I introduced her to wiping her shoes on the grass (note: it helps to have grass).  She seemed satisfied with this and off we went again.  Needless to say, her shoes weren’t the only thing that got dirty and I had the joy of doing a “quick” load of wash when I got home.  Hopefully things will dry quickly.

There is a Canadian couple adopting a little girl and boy that comes at the same time I do.  The little boy is in Leeza’s groupa so we run into each other quite a lot.  Although their first language is French, the do well enough with English for us to have normal conversation.  Tomorrow we are meeting another Canadian mom (in her 10 day wait as well) for dinner.  I am looking forward to having some dinner conversation and sharing stories.

So, this is our Marshrutkas Stop as seen from our kitchen window. Just thought you would like to know. After all, I have to fill my time with something. :-)

On another quick note, Kim go home safe and the household is getting back to normal.  Well, except for the fact that Dad is MIA.  It sounds like Mom and the kids are very happy to all be home again.  I am looking forward to joining them soon.

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