We had a good visit with Grace this morning and had a chance to meet one of her favorite care workers (or maybe a doctor/therapist?). This lady has stopped us several times to visit with Grace and they both seem to like each other quite a bit. Today she motioned that she would like her picture taken with her, which I’m glad to have. I believe she said her name was Nadia.

Gage is still in need of a family

I’ve been watching one of the other children there the past few days, wondering who he was. He looks to be about 4 or 5 and had very small, withered legs…which didn’t stop him AT ALL from zooming around in his wheelchair. He is usually playing with another little girl (an RR child whose parents are hoping to get over here soon) who can’t walk and he’s usually got a smile on his face. I went looking through the RR site today and realized I’d been watching Gage, who is listed on THIS PAGE.  Reading his bio there I found out that he is living at the baby orphanage on borrowed time and will be moved very soon. Very similar to Grace, the only thing ‘wrong’ with him is that he is unable to walk…cognitively he is an average 5 year old. He has no business being left here, much less being put in a crib for the rest of his life. (Quick note…even if he did have cognitive impairments he wouldn’t deserve what is waiting for him, but somehow it always hits me harder when I realize that this child will fully understand what is happening to him and why). We were able to watch him working with a volunteer who comes and helps the kids work on some pre-school skills and he ended up being in parts of a video we took. The thought of this little boy being moved soon makes me want to cry and I’m not sure what to do about it…except put it on here in the hopes that God will move someone to adopt him. It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but it’s exactly the way that God brought Grace into our family and I pray it’s the way Gage will find a family too.

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