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Hello, I am very glad you found our little slice of the Internet.  My name is Philip and this is our adoption blog.  I say our because my wife, Kim, does most of the work, at least with the content.  I get to play in the background making sure everything works correctly.

We set up this blog to journal our adventure through the adoption process.  After spending a few weeks in the Perspective class we (my wife) ran across a link to Reese’s Rainbow.  This was purely by chance, or at least as much chance as He ever uses.  We had talked about adoption several times and had decided that it was a good thing to do.  We even decided we would, in our own time when it fit nicely into our lives.  God had other plans and so here we are.

We are not experts on adoption, and certainly not on international adoptions of special needs children.  We are trying to be faithful and follow God’s leading in this though.  Part of that is sharing the experience with you.  Hopefully our wandering through this will shed some light on the process and changes in family dynamics.  Our prayer is that it will not only enrich our family and life, but help others feel comfortable enough to jump from the ship of normalicy and into a God adventure of their own.

Again, welcome to our blog.  Welcome to our adventure.  Please feel free to stick around and say hi.

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